Meet our Teams

School Leadership

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Christina Broderick

    Christina Broderick 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Andrea Torchin

    Andrea Torchin 

    Associate Head of School
  • Photo of Molly Seguel

    Molly Seguel 

    Associate Head of School for Advancement
  • Photo of Beth Brown

    Beth Brown 

    Director of Finance and Human Resources Coordinator
  • Photo of Jaime Nelson

    Jaime Nelson 

    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Photo of Drea Dowdy

    Drea Dowdy 

    Director of Athletics and Auxiliary Programs
  • Katrina Sprague 

    Director of Development and Community Engagement
  • Photo of Aleks Dunn

    Aleks Dunn 

    Director of Special Events and Creative Services
  • Photo of Dr. Mario Bucio

    Dr. Mario Bucio 

    Director of Student Wellness and DEI Programs
  • Photo of Tayllor Johnson

    Tayllor Johnson 

    Executive Assistant to Head of School
  • Photo of Dan Moosbrugger

    Dan Moosbrugger 

    Director of Facilities and Operations

Faculty & Staff

List of 43 members.

  • Photo of Sarah Camp

    Sarah Camp 

    1st Grade Lead Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 216
  • Photo of Darnell Campbell

    Darnell Campbell 

    PE Faculty - Student Wellness and Athletics Coach
    805-869-1811 Ext. 251
  • Photo of Brianna Craviotto

    Brianna Craviotto 

    Middle School STEM Teacher and Advisor
  • Photo of Meg Dana

    Meg Dana 

    MS Humanities/ Advisory 6/ MS Electives/ 4th-8th Instructional Specialist
    805-569-1811 Ext. 104
  • Photo of Miriam Dance

    Miriam Dance 

    Director of Visual & Performing Arts
    805-569-1811 x151
  • Photo of Kari Eiler

    Kari Eiler 

    1st Grade Associate Teacher, 4/5th Kaleidoscope Teacher, and Reading Specialist
    805-569-1811 Ext. 209
  • Photo of Wendy Fehr

    Wendy Fehr 

    Kindergarten Lead Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 215
  • Photo of Anna Forterra

    Anna Forterra 

    School Counselor
    805-569-1811 Ext. 251
  • Photo of Katie Frawley

    Katie Frawley 

    3rd Grade Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 207
  • Photo of Diona Fulton

    Diona Fulton 

    PE Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 314
  • Photo of Elizabeth Hansen

    Elizabeth Hansen 

    4th Grade Lead Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 219
  • Photo of Rebecca Horrigan

    Rebecca Horrigan 

    Middle School Humanities Teacher and Advisor
    805-569-1811 Ext. 235
  • Photo of Adrienne Grover

    Adrienne Grover 

    Accounting Specialist | Database Coordinator
    805-569-1811 Ext. 118
    UCSB - B.S.
  • Photo of Joeana Jimenez

    Joeana Jimenez 

    JK Lead Teacher
  • Photo of Carol Johansing

    Carol Johansing 

    LS Associate Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 316
  • Photo of Kate Keeley

    Kate Keeley 

    Kindergarten Lead Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext, 218
  • Photo of Karen Keltner

    Karen Keltner 

    Long Term Substitute Teacher & Faculty
  • Photo of Dauri Kennedy

    Dauri Kennedy 

    Music Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 223
  • Photo of Jenny Kustura

    Jenny Kustura 

    Lower School Division Coordinator and 3rd Grade Lead Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 205
  • Photo of Matt Kustura

    Matt Kustura 

    Learning Support Specialist
    805-569-1811 Ext. 119
  • Photo of Rodney Lee

    Rodney Lee 

    Math & Science Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 202
  • Photo of Emily Leiphardt

    Emily Leiphardt 

    School Office Manager/Registrar
    805-569-1811 Ext. 100
  • Photo of Laura Levi

    Laura Levi 

    LS Associate Teacher/ 3rd Grade Math Specialist
    805-869-1811 Ext. 223
  • Photo of Alessandra McCoy

    Alessandra McCoy 

    Lower School Spanish Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 226
  • Photo of Melanie McQueen

    Melanie McQueen 

    JK Associate Teacher
    805-569-1811 x215
  • Photo of Bryan Peariso

    Bryan Peariso 

    LS Associate Teacher
  • Photo of John Penton

    John Penton 

    Middle School Humanities Teacher and Advisor; HS Placement Coordinator
    805-569-1811 Ext. 122
  • Photo of Maricela Quinteros

    Maricela Quinteros 

    JK Lead Teacher and Director
    805-569-1811 Ext. 139
  • Photo of Leah Ratti

    Leah Ratti 

    Associate Director of Finance and Human Resources
    805-569-1811 x241
  • Photo of Mike Reeves

    Mike Reeves 

    PE Teacher and Middle School Advisor
    805-569-1811 Ext. 318
  • Photo of Reanna Rich

    Mrs. Reanna Rich 

    5th Grade Lead Teacher
  • Photo of Felipe Rodriguez-Gonzalez

    Felipe Rodriguez-Gonzalez 

    Senior Facilities Technician
  • Photo of Morgan Rydell

    Morgan Rydell 

    2nd Grade Co-Lead Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 215
  • Photo of Rebecca Ryser

    Rebecca Ryser 

    Middle School Division Coordinator/MS Teacher
    805-569-1811 Ext. 247
  • Photo of Alexandra Shennum

    Alexandra Shennum 

    JK- 8th Grade Visual Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Miguel Solis

    Miguel Solis 

    Facilities and Maintenance Staff
  • Photo of Dr. Dana Susko

    Dr. Dana Susko 

    Director of Technology Integration
    805-569-1811 Ext. 108
  • Photo of John Trapasso

    John Trapasso 

    Middle School Humanities Teacher & Advisor
  • Photo of Ann Tro

    Ann Tro 

    Middle School STEM Teacher and Advisor
    805-569-1811 Ext. 105
  • Photo of Melissa Wilson

    Melissa Wilson 

    Director of Academic Innovation/ MS STEM Faculty and Advisor
    805-569-1811 Ext. 133
  • Lindsey Campbell 

    2nd Grade Lead Teacher
  • Roxanna Rivera 

    JK Associate Teacher
  • Photo of Annie Scribner

    Annie Scribner 

    Development Database and Donor Services Coordinator