Mission, Vision & Values

At the Riviera Ridge School...

What We Do  |  Mission

We provide student-centered, individualized learning in a joyful, and nurturing community, inspiring academic excellence and valuing difference.

Why We Do It  |  Vision

To empower individual potential, inspire purpose beyond self, and cultivate social responsibility.

Ideas We Live By  |  Values

Academic Excellence, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Diversity, Ethical Responsibility, Joy, Kindness, Resilience.

Students in athletics at Riviera Ridge School.

Student and teacher in Athletics class.

At The Riviera Ridge School...

  • We foster a progressive educational model and capitalize on emerging technologies to create learning experiences that connect students to each other and the global community.
  • We are committed to our work in cultivating and maintaining a welcoming school community for all students, faculty, and families.
  • We partner with families to share their journey, watching each student grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.
  • We provide a distinct, personalized learning environment to develop the unique potential of each student, building enthusiastic, kind, confident, and resilient critical thinkers, learners, and leaders.

Students socialising at Riviera Ridge School.

  • Our Teachers provide an integrated and inclusive approach to social and emotional learning that provides a safe and equitable learning environment for all learners.
  • Our Students develop a solid foundation in a  diverse array of subject areas including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, World Religions, Visual & Performing Arts, Media Literacy & Technology, and Physical Education.
  • Our Graduates leave The Riviera Ridge School with a strong sense of themselves as individuals and a deep understanding and commitment to a thoughtful set of lifelong core values.

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