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Welcome to The Riviera Ridge School. When discussing the value of a premier 21st century education we often use the word “rigor” to describe the quality of curriculum being offered to our students. The Latin root of “rigorous” actually means “stiffness” or unmoving.  In contrast the Latin root of “vigorous” means “to be strong, be lively”; awake or “emerge or arise from sleep”.

At the Riviera Ridge School, our world-class faculty and staff believe in and are committed to delivering a “vigorous” and personalized educational experience for every scholar, every day.

We partner with our families to be responsible for modeling ethical behavior, stay attuned to teachable moments, and encourage our students to define their choices with kindness and empathy in all of their interactions. We focus on the different ways children learn; on what knowledge, skills, and experiences they gain; on how they feel about themselves and others; and on how to act as responsible young people concerned not just about their own growth, but about the well-being of others. Today, over 80 years since our founding, the faculty, staff, and families of The Riviera Ridge School have stayed vitally committed to these important values.

The Head of the Riviera Ridge School, Christina Broderick, reading with young studentsFrom Junior Kindergarten through the Middle School years, we partner with families to provide an education that nurtures every student’s academic, social, ethical, and creative potential.

We foster a progressive educational model with an emphasis on the development of a child's talents and capitalize on emerging technologies to create learning experiences that connect students to each other and the global community.

Our signature learning programs promote academic excellence with relevant, research-based curriculum, and are taught through engaging and innovative methods.

The Riviera Ridge School provides a balanced and inclusive educational opportunity for the whole child, in an open, respectful, and supportive environment which gives rise to informed, compassionate, and intellectually curious students prepared to face the next phase of their journey with a uniquely diverse and global perspective. We invite you to journey up to the Riviera and witness for yourself the Everyday Amazing that is The Riviera Ridge School. We can't wait to meet you!


Christina K. Broderick, M.S.Ed
Head of School

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