Junior Kindergarten

Compassion and empathy, kindness and cooperation, creativity and collaboration, independence and inclusion - our Riviera Ridge Junior Kindergarten students are encouraged and empowered to strengthen and develop important life-skills and personal character. Our students begin to grow in self-confidence and learn self-advocacy skills from their first weeks in school.

A Day in the Life

JK students spend their days in a well balanced combination of structured learning and academics, mixed with open-ended discovery and play time. 

Thematic units of study, high-interest topics, and weekly letter studies keep students engaged during whole class and independent time. Students also receive opportunities for music, arts, time in the garden, technology, athletics and much more.  

The JK day is rounded out with nutrition breaks, recess, lunch, and regular nap/rest time to give plenty of outdoor play time and keep students energized throughout the day.

Curriculum Overview

“JK” provides The Riviera Ridge School’s youngest students the opportunity to establish independence, responsibility, routines, structure, and social and emotional skills.

Every day our students learn in small and whole groups, spend time working independently as well as on special projects. Using a hands-on approach, students are able to learn by doing, play, and experience each thematic unit.

With a progressive academic curriculum leading the way, it is purposefully integrated with social-emotional development through play, discovery, inquiry, literature, physical education, performing and visual arts, and technology.