Mission Vision Values

Strategic Initiatives

Expand Our Reach

  • Provide greater accessibility throughout the region, attracting students and families who align with our Mission, Vision and Values, and broadening the diversity of our school community. 
  • Widen our market appeal through an updated brand and identity, maintaining our commitment to our core values, and embracing the study of all religious traditions and spiritual beliefs rather than being guided by one, singular religion.

Fortify Our Community

  • Commit to our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion and cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school community. 
  • Provide a distinct, personalized learning environment to develop the unique potential of each student, building confident and resilient learners and leaders.
  • Foster a progressive educational model and capitalize on emerging technologies to create learning experiences that connect students to each other and the global community.
  • Attract, support, and retain world-class teaching professionals.

Create A Resilient School For The Future

  • Upgrade, expand, and maintain our campus facilities and equipment to provide an optimal and adaptive learning environment, foster community, and ensure that security, safety, and environmental sustainability are integrated into all facility decisions.  
  • Optimize our strategic enrollment management and endowment efforts to drive our goals in net tuition, revenue, diversity, community, and accessibility.    
  • Strengthen our development plan and significantly increase our endowment per student to sustain the future of the school.
  • Launch the school into the future with new, clarified mission and vision statements, a set of core values, and a strategic plan that clearly positions and brands our school in the Santa Barbara community.