A Riviera Ridge Education

Vigor or vigorous means “to be strong, be lively”; awake or “emerge or arise from sleep”

At The Riviera Ridge School, we are committed to a vigorous educational experience that provides every student the opportunity to learn with joy, build resilience, and seek out academic excellence, both intellectually and socially, while also cultivating a deep love of learning and purpose beyond self.

Celebrate the Everyday Amazing.

It’s the “aha” moments where the real magic happens. We recognize and celebrate those moments of realization that unlock future potential through new knowledge, skills, and awareness. This is the alignment of emotional intelligence with academic excellence.

Ignite Critical Curiosity.

As life is iterative, so should learning be. We nurture students to develop their own critical thinking skills to grow into independent lifelong learners with a hunger that continues long after formal education ends.

Look forward with confidence...Future-Proofed.

Academic excellence is about ensuring students can meet the needs of tomorrow through the development of their values, subject knowledge, and life skills.

Explore Our Living Kaleidoscope.

The Kaleidoscope Signature Program is a very special part of a Riviera Ridge Education for all students, JK-8th grade.  The Kaleidoscope Program engages both the head and the heart, reflecting a multitude of cultures, communities, and beliefs. Through the study of our core values, world religions, cultural perspectives, ethics & morality, service learning, and leadership, the curriculum is uniquely designed to guide students toward making conscious and aware contributions to society.

Educational Philosophy

The Riviera Ridge School’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values are deeply aligned with our robust and vigorous curriculum, inviting students to safely explore, find their passions, and experience meaningful learning along their educational journey.

The integration of Ethical Responsibility emphasizes moral decision-making and the cultural study and understanding of world religions and global citizenship through our signature Kaleidoscope curriculum, with active participation in service-learning in all facets of the curriculum.

Development of social-emotional skills through collaborative group work that creates an equitable, inclusive, Joy-Filled community dedicated to a “culture of Kindness”.

Highly personalized learning accounting for each student’s individual goals focusing on a growth mindset and building Resilience for their future beyond The Riviera Ridge School.