With sprawling green fields, numerous basketball and volleyball courts, and a private pool backed by gorgeous mountain views, The Riviera Ridge School is the perfect place to get outside and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of athletics.

4th-8th grade students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in our after-school athletics program, where students develop their sports skills while building character, trust, and lasting friendships.

With a focus on growth, perseverance, confidence, leadership, and teamwork, our goal is to instill in our athletes a lifelong love of physical activity.

Our committed and caring coaches are invested members of our community that are able to get to know each athlete on and off the field.

Team Sports Opportunities Beginning in 4th Grade

4th-5thCo-ed Soccer
6th-8thGirls Volleyball
6th-8thBoys Soccer
4th-8thCo-ed Swim
4th-5thBoys Basketball
6th-8thGirls Soccer
6th-8thBoys Basketball
4th-5thGirls Basketball
4th-5thCo-ed Volleyball
6th-8thGirls Basketball
6th-8thBoys Volleyball
4th-6thCo-ed Flag Football
7th-8thCo-ed Flag Football
4th-8thCo-ed Beach Volleyball

The Riviera Ridge School currently competes in the Coastal Athletic League (C.A.L) against local independent schools and has over 24 competitive teams in volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, swimming, and beach volleyball. Over 80 percent of our 4th-8th graders participate, creating a tangible sense of school spirit that can be felt on and off the field.

Physical Education and IPE (Independent Physical Education)

Physical Education is an integral part of Riviera Ridge’s educational program. Through a wide variety of activities, the program offers experiences that are physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging. The program is focused on sportsmanship, safety, spatial awareness,  locomotive skills, coordination, cooperation, strategy, and appreciating the joys of physical fitness, movement, and wellness.

Whether students are on the field or in the pool, they are encouraged to challenge themselves, foster a strong understanding of sportsmanship, and establish a healthy relationship with physical fitness.

For those who want to pursue their athletic passions outside our campus, Riviera Ridge School 6th-8th graders have the opportunity to participate in our Independent Physical Education program. We understand that in Middle School the time commitment for outside club sports grows, this program honors those outside commitments and allows for a little time back in their day with an early dismissal three days a week.