Learning and Wellness

Personalized Learning

Individualized and personalized student Instruction is at the forefront of a Riviera Ridge School education.  At The Riviera Ridge School we know that a 21st-century independent school learning experience takes into consideration the diverse learning opportunities and academic needs of every student. Through small class sizes and flexible learning environments, The Riviera Ridge School faculty are able to truly focus on the individual growth and educational progress of every student. 

Middle School Advisories

As adolescence arrives and middle school is on the horizon, The Riviera Ridge School strives to provide a structured and nurturing environment for all students entering 6th-8th grades. The Riviera Ridge School students are known to be bright, confident, caring, kind, polite, and display high levels of self-advocacy. These skills, while embedded throughout The Riviera Ridge School culture, are systematically developed as part of our Middle School Advisory Program. Middle School faculty led by the Director of Counseling and Student Wellness and supported by the Learning Support Team, create an environment where the student-teacher relationship can flourish into a mutually engaging partnership, allowing natural opportunities to build these critical areas.

Middle School faculty advisors are involved in every aspect of student life at school. They serve as the focal adult who receives all of the student’s information and oversees academic and social-emotional development for each individual student. With a low student-to-teacher ratios, every advisory class can dig deeper into skill-building areas such as executive functioning, studying skills, stress management strategies, and advocacy skills.  

In addition, every advisor is responsible for facilitating parent-student conferences and serves as an advocate to best support each individual student. Grade level advisories meet twice a week for 30 minutes.

Student and Family Wellness

The Riviera Ridge School's Student and Family Wellness program aims to serve all students in being the best version of themselves. The Riviera Ridge School is committed to the social and emotional care and health of our students.  All students and families have full access to our full-time licensed clinical social worker and counselor as well as the Director of Counseling and Student Wellness. The Riviera Ridge School's Wellness Program provides an important partnership with the school’s educators, learning support team, parents, instructional aides, and the greater community. Our focus on facilitating small group or individual instruction to support positive academic development, social-emotional growth, and implementing behavioral support services and education to our community.

Learning Support Program

In addition to The Riviera Ridge School welcoming faculty and engaging classrooms, our uniquely designed Learning Support Program, supports any of our students with learning differences and accommodations needed for their individual growth and success. 

The Learning Support Program led by our Learning Specialist and supported by the Director of Counseling and Student Wellness also provides access to a Reading Specialist in the Lower School Division, and faculty in several grades with degrees and experience in Special Education. In the Middle School division, we also have specialized academic skills enhancement classes and continued support from the Learning Specialist.