STEAM2 Electives

We believe the world needs you to find your passion. The Riviera Ridge STEAM2 electives program allows our middle school students to develop their talents, passions, and a growth mindset all within a school day!

STEAM2 Certificate Program

STEAM Electives at RRSThe Riviera Ridge STEAM(science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and movement)  electives program allows our middle school students to develop their talents, passions, and a growth mindset. We offer 25-30 course selections each year led by highly-trained faculty. Students will choose three courses a year, for a total of 9 courses in their middle school experience. 

All Riviera Ridge Middle School students have the opportunity to earn STEAM2 certificates. Students enrolled from 6th-8th grade need a total of 4 credits from each certificate area and students who join us in 7th grade need a total of 3 credits from each certificate area. The liberal arts certificate, which is an interdisciplinary certificate, requires students to take one STEM, one art, and one free choice course per year.

Middle school student playing guitar in music class at Riviera Ridge School.

Certificate Programs

  • Liberal Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Performing Arts
  • Science
  • Service and Leadership
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Visual Arts

Fall 2023 Trimester
(Sample Course Descriptions)

Engineering 101

Engineers fix the world. Our Engineering 101 course focuses on four types of engineering: mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and electrical engineering. Students begin by learning rapid prototyping and designing thinking through Standfords D. School’s curriculum. Then, they learn TinkerCAD, cardboard prototyping, 3D printing for prototyping, and cast and molds through MIT’s hands-on projects. Next, they learn basic coding, LED lighting, and circuitry. For their final project, they learn with hand tools, including saws, drills (nonpower, and hammers.

Fall Musical

The Musical Elective invites students to be introduced to the world of Theater Production! Students learn the importance of being a part of a collaborative environment and creative team. Students will be exposed to all elements of theater production, on and off stage, and how they work together to bring a musical from the page to the stage. Guided by a team of professional stage directors, vocal coaches, costume designers, choreographers, and makeup artists, our students will learn a wide range of skills, including the audition & rehearsal process; acting, vocal and dance techniques; stage management, makeup & costuming basics; and set design.


The surfing elective is so rad! Students study the history, music, cinema, board and fin design, and ocean dynamics that make surfing a soulful endeavor.  At Campus Point, on surf trips, students receive expert surf instruction and experience the thrill of surfing for themselves.  Students also design and implement plans to help keep our oceans and beaches healthy. Bring your stoke and your aloha, and let's go surfing! 

Rock and Roll Robotics

Students will learn the fundamentals of coding with our Sphero robots. Each student will have their own robot, and depending on skill level, students will use block coding or JavaScript to guide their robot through a series of tasks. Some tasks of interest include building a maze, Sphero Olympics, and bridge building.

Service Brigade

Do you LOVE helping others? Connecting with your community? Organizing service initiatives? The Service Brigade is for you! Nurture your soul and build service planning skills. We will organize school-wide service initiatives culminating in a presentation. Additionally, we volunteer with local nonprofits around Santa Barbara.

The Training Camp

Become an all-star athlete. The Training Camp elective is about improving an athlete's knowledge, abilities, and love of training to be their best. We focus on preparing the mind and body, using techniques and methods that can apply to almost all athletic activities. Our main goal is for our athletes to enjoy the process while learning to work hard towards reaching their physical and mental potential.


The chess elective is for all ability levels. Students completely new to chess and aspiring grandmasters alike are invited to participate. We will learn from each other by playing matches against new opponents each week. Regardless of skill level, there is always something to learn in a chess game against another player. We will continually develop new strategies and tactics to employ and test their success or failure with a critical eye. We will experiment with chess clocks to see the effect of limited thinking time on conducting an action plan. We will apply logic to each move on the board to exploit an advantage. Learning to apply a critical eye to the chessboard will prime your brain to tackle logic problems of all types around the globe.

Pop Art

In Pop Art, we explore the masters of Pop art! We learn how to use popular culture, the signature bold and bright colors, along with the techniques to create comic-style portraits. This fun and fun art style allows students to express mainstream images and popular figures using all mediums. Students work on a series of independent projects and have the opportunity to present their work in our annual art show.