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  • Sihk Captain America visiting the classroom

    Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh Visits Marymount School

    Rebecca Horrigan
    “Beyond our looks, beyond what we see with our eyes, there is a sea of stories that connect us at a much deeper level,” said Vishavjit Singh, also known as Sikh Captain America, an editorial cartoonist who came to visit Marymount School recently to spread his peaceful message. “We are all part of the same sea called humanity.”
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At The Riviera Ridge School, we prioritize the study of historical, cultural, ethical, and moral perspectives through a reflective view of world religions. Through the lens of our signature program, Kaleidoscope, our students are given the unique opportunity to experience and study the traditions and values of world religions and diverse cultures through a global and unifying perspective.
We have named this program Kaleidoscope for several reasons:
  • Beautiful patterns stimulate the eye, mind, and heart
  • Various combinations indicate the effects of adjusting lenses
  • Internal mirrors reflect back one’s own eye, making it part of the experience
The core values of The Riviera Ridge School Kaleidoscope Program, are introduced to our students the moment they step on campus. Our students begin with the exploration of personal character, moral values, service learning, and ethical behavior throughout their Lower School experience. In Junior Kindergarten through first grade, students delve into literature-based units of study that focus on the seven ethical attributes of courage, loyalty, justice, respect, hope, honesty, and love while exploring their own identity and cultural differences. 
Formal studies of world religions begins in 2nd grade and continues through 5th grade. The Kaleidoscope Program aims to introduce students to religious traditions through stories of religious peoples and reflection on their own experience in the world. Students encounter religious traditions the way they are loved -- as integral to everyday life and as constitutive of personal and communal identity. In these grade levels, the program has two complementary objectives: encountering religious people in the midst of traditions and forming students as people who are reflective about their being in the world. 
As students enter the Middle School years, they are invited to participate in our unique course of study:  Service Learning in 6th grade, Ethics in 7th grade, and culminate with a comparative and comprehensive study of World Religions in the 8th grade. These courses of Kaleidoscope nurture our adolescents through kindness, resilience, and community to dive deeper into their personal beliefs, ethical responsibilities, and contributions as global citizens. Our 8th grade leaders graduate from The Riviera Ridge School empowered with a profound awareness for empathy, love of diversity, and immeasurable purpose beyond self.

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Speaker Partnerships

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  • Cantor Mark Childs

    of Congregation of B’nai B’rith Temple
  • Sikh Captain America - Vishavjit Singh

    N.Y. artist and religious tolerance activist
  • Father Larry Gosselin, OFM

    of the Santa Barbara Mission
  • Julie Tumamait Stenlslie

    Ojai Elder for Chumash tribe
  • Fabio Rambelli

    U.C.S.B. professor of Shinto studies and Head of Shinto Department and author
  • Mary J. Yee

    Chumash author, associate of S.B. Natural History Museum, and Chumash educator and historian
  • Jeremy Harper

    Plein Air Artist with Oak group specializing on local sacred sites