Our Student and Family Wellness Program provides all students and families support both academically and socially throughout their Riviera Ridge education.

ExSEL's Student Support Team

The Riviera Ridge School's unique Wellness Program was developed in partnership with The Riviera Ridge Student Support Team, to ensure confidence, resiliency, and care for every student. From academic learning support to SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) courses taught by our Director of Student Wellness and School Counselor, we focus on the individual needs of each child while also facilitating small groups that foster positive academic development and social-emotional growth.

In this space, students are given the confidence to practice soft skills in communication, relationships, and personal growth. Monthly parent education events are also held for both Lower School and Middle School Families.

Andrea Torchin - Associate Head of School
Dr. Mario Bucio - Director of Student Wellness & DEI Programs
Anna Forterra - LCSW, School Counselor
Rebecca Ryser - Middle School Division Coordinator
Matt Kustura - Learning Specialist
Jen Bower - School Nurse

Learning Support Programs

In addition to the welcoming faculty and engaging classrooms at The Riviera Ridge School, our uniquely designed Learning Support Program provides our students with learning differences with the accommodations needed for their individual growth and success.

The Learning Support Program led by our Learning Specialist and supported by the Director of Student Wellness and DEI Programs also includes access to a Reading Specialist in the Lower School Division. Furthermore, Faculty in several grades have degrees and experience in Special Education. This allows for individually designed programs to meet students' academic, emotional, social needs in the classroom and in small group instruction.

Personalized Learning

Individualized and personalized student instruction is at the forefront of a Riviera Ridge School education. Through small class sizes and flexible learning environments, our faculty is able to tune into the needs of each child and meet them where they are as a learner so that every student can feel successful and confident in the classroom and beyond. A personalized learning approach tailors the educational experience to the unique gifts, needs, and interests of every student, supported by our school-wide 1:1 technology program.

SEL - Social Emotional Learning

As the mental health of all our children continues to be a priority of providing the highest level of academic excellence, numerous studies continue to support the positive long-term effects of social-emotional learning. Now more than ever, we are proud of our unique and deeply rooted Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program at The Riviera Ridge School. Participation in SEL is available at all grade levels to promote strong interpersonal communication skills, workshops on creating positive friendships, and offering more individualized support for students going through a period that is particularly difficult. All Middle School students participate in a grade-level SEL course taught weekly by our school counselor, Anna Forterra, LCSW.


Middle School Advisories

With both Academic and Social Excellence in mind, the Middle School advisory program is purposefully led and designed to promote thoughtful communication, intellectual development, and empowers students to confidently navigate the everyday challenges of adolescence with joy and resilience. The goal of the Riviera Ridge advisory program is to build trust and community, strong interpersonal relationships, and knowledge of self. 

Middle School students have the opportunity to meet with their faculty advisor and their grade-level advisory group three times a week. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, every advisory class can dig deeper into areas such as executive functioning, study habits, stress management strategies, advocacy skills, and team-building.  Throughout the school year to learn relationship building, self-expression, leadership, self-advocacy, organizational and communication skills, and create lasting friendships.

Middle School Faculty Advisors are involved in every aspect of student life at school. Serving as the focal adult who advocates for the student and oversees academic and social-emotional development for each individual student, Faculty Advisors are the first point of contact for all Middle School Parents. Parents also have the opportunity to meet with their student’s advisor at back-to-school night, parent-teacher conferences, and as needed throughout the school year.

Middle School Success Seminar

The Riviera Ridge Middle School Success Seminar is a universal learning support program to build individual capacities for lifelong learning through a student-centered curriculum. Success Seminar, led and taught by our Middle School Division Coordinator, provides all Middle School scholars with the unique opportunity to develop and implement individualized study skills and learn about their developing brain within an academic context. 

Together, students explore the various functions and strengths of the adolescent brain to better understand how they each learn best as an individual. Students build the vital executive functioning skills needed to achieve personal academic success through regularly practiced strategies.

Available Accommodations

The Riviera Ridge School partners with parents of students with diagnosed learning differences and teachers in a collaborative effort to create an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) tailored to your student’s unique needs.

* Allow extended time on tests, quizzes, classwork, and standardized tests.

* Offer preferential seating, near the point of instruction and away from distractions.

* Allow access to class notes.

* Provide quiet testing location away from peers, if needed.

* Allow use of calculator.

* Allow use of adaptive technology, such as Learning Ally or voice to text.

* Allow frequent breaks to circumvent fatigue.