Student Life


The Riviera Ridge School encourages our 4th-8th athletes of all skill levels to participate in our after school athletic program to receive a well-rounded experience that offers the ability to develop as athletes, competitors, and teammates.
Our committed and caring coaches are invested members of our community that are able to get to know each athlete on and off the field. With a focus on development, character, confidence, leadership, and teamwork, our goal is to instill in our athletes a lifelong love of physical activity.

Team sport opportunities beginning in 4th grade

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  • Fall

    4th-5th Co-ed Soccer
    6th-8th Girls Volleyball
    6th-8th Boys Soccer
    2nd-8th Co-ed Swim
  • Winter

    4th-5th Boys Basketball
    6th-8th Soccer
    6th-8th Boys Basketball
    4th-5th Co-ed Volleyball
    6th-8th Girls Basketball
    6th-8th  Boys Volleyball
  • Spring

    4th-6th Co-ed Flag Football
    7th-8th Co-ed Flag Football
    4th-8th Co-ed Beach Volleyball
The Riviera Ridge School currently competes against local independent schools, and has over 24 competitive teams in volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, track, swimming, and beach volleyball. With over 80 percent of our 4th-8th graders participating. 
The Riviera Ridge School 6th-8th graders have the opportunity to participate in our Independent Physical Education program.  Independent P.E. (IPE) is designed for the exceptionally committed athlete who is competing at a state or national competition level, and/or a student who is participating in pre-approved advanced level physical activities for at least 36 hours/term.