Mission Vision Values

Community of Belonging

The Riviera Ridge School - Community of Belonging

At The Riviera Ridge School, we strive to reflect our school’s core values as a Community of Belonging through the lens of our signature program, Kaleidoscope, as we seek to understand the many perspectives of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging (DEIJB). These values are integral to a healthy and thriving community. 
The Community of Belonging/Kaleidoscope Task Force is led by Dr. Mario Bucio, Director of Student Wellness and DEI Programs with active support from Trustees, Parents, Faculty, and Staff who meet throughout the year to:
  1. Create professional development, parent education, and community learning opportunities
  2. Develop a culture of belonging through curriculum, pedagogy, activities, and initiatives that encourage equity and inclusion
  3. Support Admissions efforts to attract a diverse body of students
  4. Nurture students, encourage reflection and inspire them to be upstanders 
  5. Review current policies and procedures through a DEIJB lense
  6. Invite guest speakers and diversity practitioners to present, such as Dr. Lisa Collins and The Glasgow Group. 
  7. Regularly find opportunities for our staff to participate in DEIJB professional development opportunities, such as the NAIS People of Color Conference (POCC), and CATCD professional trainings.
  8. Share learnings and opportunities for continued wellness education with the community. As a community please familiarize yourself with the NAIS Principles of Good Practice-Equity & Justice

Community of Belonging 2022 - Work in Progress
In January Dr. Lisa Collins led faculty and staff in professional development sessions fostering reflective and safe conversations surrounding DEI and biases. The next week her daughter, Arts Integration Educator and Poet, Tayllor Johnson shared her “Spoken Word for Empowerment” curriculum with both our teachers and students.
Finally, parents joined in for a Foundations of Wellness in Community Zoom with Dr. Collins as well. 

As we work hard to foster our Community of Belonging in our words, actions, and self and student education, we will continue to build racial equity within our community and ourselves.