Middle School

The Riviera Ridge Middle School Curriculum and Signature Programs are uniquely tailored to honor the individual development of each student.

At the heart of it all is our nurturing and experienced faculty as they lead with passion while also taking the time to build relationships with students and getting to know them as individuals.The Riviera Ridge Middle School experience provides a robust and vigorous curriculum to each student that fosters problem-solving and critical thinking skills through authentic learning opportunities layered with real-world applications, and hands-on activities.

Middle school students at Riviera Ridge school using the pool.

Middle School Core Curriculum

Middle School Signature Programs

Middle School Signature Programs include STEAMElectives, Kaleidoscope, Middle School Honors Initiative, ExSEL, Success Seminar, and SEEK! Exploring our passions, diving deep into our studies, and seeking Purpose Beyond Ourselves, Riviera Ridge Middle School Scholars dream big, do more, and develop their own unique footprint as they prepare to contribute to their community as confident young adults.


During the Middle School years, the Riviera Ridge vision for cultivating social responsibility and empowering individual potential grows even stronger.

In 6th grade Service Learning & Leadership, students learn about philanthropic leadership create their own Service in Action Project supporting a local or regional non-profit agency.

In 7th Grade, the study of Ethics and Morality allows students to reflect on how they make decisions and examine their own beliefs and moral frameworks, as well as the ethics of others.

In 8th Grade The Kaleidoscope Program culminates with a in-depth and comprehensive study of Comparative Religions. Our 8th grade leaders graduate from The Riviera Ridge School empowered with a profound awareness for empathy, love of diversity, and immeasurable purpose beyond self.

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Middle School Advisory & SEL Program

Now more than ever, we are proud of our unique and deeply rooted Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program at The Riviera Ridge School. As the mental health of all our children continues to be a priority of providing the highest level of academic excellence, numerous studies continue to support the positive long-term effects of social-emotional learning.

Social-emotional learning at all grade levels, with smaller strategic groups with targeted counseling goals like creating positive friendships, or with more individualized support for students going through a period that is particularly difficult. All Middle School students participate in a grade-level SEL course taught weekly by our school counselor, Anna Forterra, LCSW.  Middle School Parents are invited to participate in parent coffees and our Community of Belonging parent education series throughout the year.

Middle School Honors Initiative

The Riviera Ridge School offers a variety of optional Honors courses that meet 3 times a week before school starts for advanced students looking for additional learning opportunities.

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Middle School Success Seminar

The Riviera Ridge Middle School Success Seminar is a universal learning support program to build individual capacities for lifelong learning through a student-centered curriculum.

Success Seminar, led and taught by our Middle School Division Coordinator provides all Middle School scholars with the unique opportunity to develop and implement individualized study skills and learn about their developing brain within an academic context.

Together, students explore the various functions and strengths of the adolescent brain to better understand how they each learn best as an individual. Students build the vital executive functioning skills needed to achieve personal academic success through regularly practiced strategies.

SEEK! Study | Experience | Explore | Know

Field and Study Tours

  • 6th Grade: Catalina Island
  • 7th Grade: Northern CA STEAM Tour
  • 8th Grade: Alaska STEAM Tour

Optional Trips

  • Stem: US Virgin Islands
  • Humanities: Boston & Washington DC
  • Visual & Performing Arts: NYC
  • Kaleidoscope Capstone: Southern California

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STEAM2 Electives
  • Surfing at Campus Point.
  • Learning to cook while studying the cuisine of Italy.
  • Designing a 3D tool for the International Space Station.
  • Practicing yoga in the Mediation Garden on a school day.
  • Traveling to the Caribbean to collect data on sea turtles and coral reefs for scientists.
  • Singing and Dancing your heart out in a Musical.


At The Riviera Ridge School, we believe that developing a critical curiosity is a benchmark of lifelong learning. Our STEAM2 elective program allows students to develop their talents, passions, and growth mindset through a thoughtful curriculum led by faculty who are passionate about teaching with deep knowledge and a genuine love of the subject matter. All of our classes are interdisciplinary in approach, which allows students to gain a deeper understanding of a variety of topics. We incorporate movement into our curriculum through field trips, projects, and hands-on activities since movement increases brain health, creativity, and innovation.

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Middle school students at The Riviera Ridge School