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Visual and Performing Arts

Art is the application and expression of creative skill and imagination. It is the discipline of craftsmanship and the use of visual symbols to create meaning. Students learn to make artistic connections, compare and contrast, observe; visualize and discern. Students focus on concepts, organize and refine ideas, interpret, learn artistic techniques, critique, and relate experiences to their world. 
    • Performing Arts

    • Visual Arts

The art program at The Riviera Ridge School is based on the philosophy of art education developed by the Getty Foundation called Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE). It incorporates art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.

DBAE is an integral component of the “Art” in STEAM. It is an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems. It focuses on the process which helps drive innovation. It teaches the power of observation.
Through symbolic language, art history, culture; cross-curricular ideas and design thinking projects they develop skills and knowledge in a variety of techniques. They are exposed and explore many types of materials. These include: mosaics, printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramics, watercolor, drawing, glass, and mixed media.
Students develop a confident and independent voice, find inspiration through art, artists, and curricular connections. They nurture a lifelong appreciation of art as an expressive, relevant, and visual language of history, culture, thought, and emotion. In the Spring the school hosts an annual Art Show where their work is celebrated.
    • Girl painting a sculpture of a burger and fries